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Everybody who intends to install an Energy Management Solution (EMS) in his company, has to keep in mind it has to fit to the structure and requiremet the company has, to make sure all the energy saving possibilities can be find and realized. Because of this, Berg offers a web based energy management system, called Efficio. Efficio is a complete solution with all kind of meters which are necessary, connected via M-Bus or Modbus to the data loggers and from there to an server to store all data for read out and analysis. Efficio is modular and can easily extended in size and functionality.Supervision of the key performance indicators (EnPI) according to ISO 50001 and EN 16247 is automatically realized.

For more then 30 years, we are supporting our customers around the topic energy management. Berg offers beside solid measuring technique (meters), the right data logger to store all values in between also the most modern software for read out and anlysing the consumptions. The focus of energy management is on the main energy consumers with the aim to create action plans for this consumers to save as much as possible in enrgy.

We from Berg advise our customers to build up a measuring concept of permanently readout as a base of the professional energy management. Only an instant measuring guaranties recognizing peaks and the right counteraction out of them. The energy management from Berg has an alarming function which gives immideately after recognizing a set limit is overshoot an information. Our energy management system is an open system, already existing meters or sensors can be integrated independent if the communication is M-Bus, Modbus or even pulses.

You are interested in load management? With our brand new load management called Optimo you do the right decision. Starting by planning, over delivery, comissioning up to trainings and maintenance you will get all services from one supplier, Berg. Optimo selects and visualizes you electricty or gas load and overtakes also the control function according to your rules.

An consequent energy management over different levels within an company delivers transparency and unmasks needless energy consumers. Motivate your staff to act energy efficient, detect inefficient processes and implement the right measures- with the energy management solutions from Berg you decide yourself for the know how collected over 30 years of energy optimization!


LaptopDiscover and transfer saving potentials, supervise your energy performance indicators, check the control circuit of your processes and factory. Our modern and web based solution persuades with an intuitive ahndling – ideal for companies with lack of time and staff.

Effcio is the ideal tool for collectiing and analysing values from all media. It helps you by creating the EnPIs and supports to fullfill the standards ISO 50001 and EN16247. Efficio is build up modular and consits of the necessary measuring technique, the right energy loggers and the software to analyse the energy consumption.

All USPs Efficio has and also a short movie of our solution you can find here: Efficio Energy Management


Das Softwarepaket ENerGO+® ist ein professionelles und umfangreiches Energieinformations- und Abrechnungssystem. Es stellt ein Hilfsmittel für Energieverantwortliche in Unternehmen, Industrieparks, Kommunen und Liegenschaftsverwaltungen zur Auffindung und Umsetzung von Einsparmöglichkeiten und zur effektiven und schnellen Medien-Abrechnung dar.

Es deckt sowohl die technische Seite des Energiecontrollings, wie z. B. Lastganganalysen, Leckage-Detektion und Anlagendimensionierung, als auch die kaufmännische Seite des Energiecontrollings, wie z.B. die zuverlässige Verbrauchs- und Kostenermittlung, Reporting und Abrechnung gegenüber Kunden und Kostenstellen ab. Als webbasierte Energie-Plattform wird ENerGO+® zum idealen Werkzeug zur Einrichtung einer hohen Transparenz für Energie- und Medienverbräuchen sowie deren Kosten.

ENerGO+® ist modular aufgebaut und kann mit verschiedenen Add-Ons Ihren individuellen Bedürfnissen angepasst werden. Unsere Lösung ist webbasiert und daher einfach in die bestehende IT-Umgebung einzubinden. Es steht Ihnen frei, ob Sie ENerGO+® kaufen, mieten oder durch uns betreiben lassen. Unser Seminarprogramm stellt den sicheren Umgang mit unserer Software sicher. Damit lässt sich schnell eine entsprechende Energieeinsparung realiesieren.

Ausführliche Informationen finden Sie hier: ENerGO+® Energiemanagement


The brand new load management, called Optimo is based on 30 years of experience in energy optimisation solutions. Experience made in different branches are put in. Starting by planning, over delivery, comissioning up to trainings and maintenance you will get all services from one supplier, Berg. Optimo selects and visualizes you electricty or gas load and overtakes also the control function according to your rules. Optimo as stand alone or as part of Efficio to visualize and check the system.

Additional information about Optimo load management from Berg you’l get here!