The measurement and analysis tool for your energy management!

Energiedatenanalyse per Browser

Discover and recognize potentials for savings with the suitable Energy Management System! Monitor your own energy indices and check the performance of your systems and processes. Our modern and web-based solution for energy management stands out by intuitive operation, which is ideal for companies having little time and few human resources available. Motivate your employees to more rational and efficient energy use.

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what is efficio about?

  • A comprehensive Energy Management System on media compilation and analysis to optimize energy costs
  • Ideally suited for monitoring of indicator values and energy monitoring according to ISO 50001 or EN16247
  • Efficio consists of measuring applications runs within your company intranet and is a web based software
  • Efficio is cost-efficient and in conjunction with the loggers it is operationally ready within about one hour
  • Efficio supervises, notifies and buffers malfunctions, generates replacement values and can be individually adjusted
  • Efficio is compatible with any meters and sensors with M-Bus/ Modbus interface or SO-outputs

technical requirements

Depending on the size of the measuring network, the data volume on energy consumption saved in the data bank may increase over the time. In order to evaluate large amounts of data in time the server requires complying processing power and working memory. The main requirement criteria for our Energy Management System about hardware and software are listed in the following.


Operating system

The Energy Management System Efficio requires a Microsoft Windows operating system.
The following table points out several versions.
Hardware / Virtual Machine
We recommend installing our Energy Management System Efficio on a virtual machine (VM) with capabilities such as main memory, processor power and hard disc capacity that can be dynamically adapted.

Operating System Remarks
Windows Server 2012 R2 Foundation recommended, cost-efficient
Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter virtualization, high data volumes
Windows Server 2012 R2 Essential o. Standard good
Windows Server 2008 Foundation R2 o.k.
Windows Server 2008 R2 o.k.
Windows Server Small Business 2011 o.k.
Windows 7 Professional only for test purposes
Windows 8.1
only for test purposes



< 100 measuring points

> 100 measuring points

processor type
64-bit, 2 processor cores
64-bit, 4 processor cores
64-bit, 4 processor cores
main memory (RAM) 4 GB 8 GB 16 GB
hard disc space
100 GB 500 GB 1 TB


Easy operation via broswer

Have you installed all of the measuring points, the loggers and the software? Now, you simply open the page in your browser and start working with the analysis. You do not need to install additional software or particular browser-plugins. The Energy Management System Efficio requires neither a flash player, ActiveX nor Java. The advanced user interface needs only the recent version of your browser.
system overview

The Energy Management System Efficio allows you to record all kind of meters (electricity, heating, water, compressed air, gas, …) and other sensors as well as to analyze their consumption, load curves or measurement curves through their browser.
To do so, you just need to easily and safely install the Efficio-Software on the company server, e.g. on a “virtual machine”.
Efficio is then immediately available in your network as a login via browser and is able to connect itself through the M-Bus/ Modbus-loggers to the automated remote reading.
Efficio makes it possible to install a reliable Energy Management System quickly and cost-effectively and to present energy consumption clearly and comprehensibly. Efficio operates ideally through a simple order description with the exporting trades such as electricians or technicians for tube-related media.


What can be measured with Efficio?


Efficio records meter readings, consumptions, load values and measurement values for all types of media and combines these values with the processing data, system properties and building information.


In so doing


  • The M-Bus or Modbus measuring points are integrated into the Energy Management System via Plug & Play
  • Optional Modbus-participants are recorded through Modbus/TCP
  • Pulse counter are recorded via M-Bus or Modbus converter
  • Data is brought in automatically via CSV-interface
  • Meter readings can be entered manually

Allow for useful analysis with different durations from minute precision to yearly timeframes


  • tracing key performance indicators (EnPI = Energy-Performance-Indicators)
  • the energy analysis of production processes
  • the evaluation of control behavior of technical and relevant process data
  • interpretation of system parameters
  • to locate savings potential and its prioritization


Overview of all benefits

  • Full and intuitive energy management – from measuring up to the analysis
  • To the minute visualization of energy consumption, load values, costs and CO2 emissions of all types of media
  • Energy data acquisition via M-Bus, Modbus, CSV and manual input
  • Shuts down unnecessary consumers, reduces peak demands, optimizes control behavior, monitors systems
  • Efficio helps to fulfill the requirements set down in ISO 50001
  • • Efficio is supported by Germany’s Federal Office of Economic and Export Control (BAFA)
  • Cost-effective, easy to install and comfortable to operate
  • Efficio is adaptable, individual and extendable·        
  • Ideal for companies with little time and few human resources

Efficio won the IT Innovation Prize; you can find the related document here:


Efficio Functional Modules

Efficio is build up modular an can be adjusted to your individual requirements easily. With our optional modules the scope of functions can be extended when ever needed.


Standard reports in landscape or in portrait are saved to a file in PDF format through combinations of graphics of analysis, tables, additional information, comments and free texts by easily using drag and drop.

A current standard report is created as a unique case with the support of the feature “preview” or in accordance with the adjusted frequency automatically created by Efficio and spread to individual recipients or recipient groups.



Automatic export-function of load, consumption, measuring, costs or CO2 emission data for freely selectable measuring points groups in CSV or Excel format. Well-suited for automated data transfer to BCS, PCS and ERP systems.       

Die Exportfrequenz und Reihenfolge der Spalten sowie die Zahlen- und Datumsformate sind einstellbar. Zur Identifikation der Messpunkte in nachgelagerten Systemen können messpunktbezogen Identifikations-Strings festgelegt werden.

Energy flow (Sankey)

An extension of the Efficio analysis to graphically illustrate the possibility of energy flows of various types of energy on the basis of the company’s topology. The width of the energy flow bars is proportional to the measured and calculated values. Thus, consumption, CO2 or costs data can be presented for customizable time periods. (35 Minuten)



The module allows for flowcharts, system diagrams, location maps and other images to be used as a background image for analysis. Measuring points, m-bus loggers or other elements of the company’s stock can be positioned anywhere in the graphic and can be graphically modified. Lines and arrows and free texts endorse the displaying options. Flowcharts can be enlarged to fill the entire screen and used on display monitors. Flowcharts are able to show consumption data, peak loads, CO2 quantities or costs over various time periods.


Das neueste Modul Flexreports für Efficio erlaubt eine frei gestaltbare Erzeugung von typischen Energieberichtstabellen für alle Elemente des Unternehmensbaums.


Dabei können die Berichte täglich, wöchentlich, monatlich oder jährlich erzeugt werden, aktuelle Werte, Vergleichswerte und zusätzlich feiner granulierte Zeiträume enthalten.


Neben einer variablen Positionierung der einzelnen Spalten sind Kopfzeilen, Fußzeilen, Formelspalten mit und ohne Grenzwertmarkierung sowie Freitextzellen mit Wysiwyg-Editor möglich.


The meter family by Berg


For the most important medium „electrical energy“ Berg offers a number of meters that were chosen in accordance with metrological requirements and can be added to Efficio via Plug & Play. These energy meters are directly connected as transformer connected meters and if needed with MID approval.

You can find here an overview.

If you need any support on appropriate selection of suitable media meters with an M-Bus interface, we will gladly advise you on this subject.

The Berg Energy Data Logger

The new M-Bus/Modbus logger (BDL) by Berg have a very large memory depth and take over fully independently the periodic enquiry of all M-Bus/ Modbus participants, as well as the intermediate storage of value pairs over a period of days and weeks. In case of failures within the network, the gaps are immediately and automatically filled. In case of technical problems on the part of the meter, Efficio generates replacement values.  

MBL 25

  • Interner Pegelwandler für 25 M-Bus Standardlasten
  • Ethernet Schnittstelle für Netzwerkanbindung
  • 128 MB Datenspeicher für das Loggen der Messwerte
  • Minutengenaue Abfrage von M-Bus – oder Modbus/RTU – Medienzähler (Strom, Wärme, Wasser, Druckluft, Gas, …)
  • Kompakte Bauform für Hutschienenmontage

BDL 50

  • Interner Pegelwandler für 50 M-Bus Standardlasten
  • Ethernet Schnittstelle für Netzwerkanbindung
  • 16 GByte microSD Archivspeicher für das Loggen der Messwerte
  • Minutengenaue Abfrage von M-Bus – oder Modbus/RTU – Medienzähler (Strom, Wärme, Wasser, Druckluft, Gas, …)
  • Kompakte Bauform für Hutschienenmontage


The Efficio Cockpit for Energy managers

Efficio is the perfect support for energy managers



  • In order to determine the initial situation (Baseline),
  • In order to define and track key ratios (EnPls),
  • To evidence the savings success and their sustainable effect,
  • Creation of a catalog of measures and prioritization of individual measures,
  • For the interpretation of system parameters and the profitability analysis that is derived from it,
  • For monitoring the control behavior,
  • For the quick leak detection

Energy managers can find everything of significance on their individual dashboards and can integrate other employees into processes of energy management with the support of the protected web portal.


In unserem Planerbereich können Sie sich Ihre Energiemanagementlösung Efficio individuell konfigurieren. Hier gelangen Sie zum Planerbereich…