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As a complete solution provider Berg delivers all which is necessary for energy optimisation. We offer all kind of meters, specially electricity meters, net analysers and of course the right software for energy management. Berg gives full support for all questions around the topic energy.

BME Stromzähler Berg

Electricity meters

The smallest unit to collect the electrical energy flow is the meter as part of an energy management or building control system. With a far range of communication possiblities it is a base unit for billing the consumed electrical energy. Within the portfolio of Berg you might find the right units for your purposes and requirements.


ubn_315Universal network analyser

The universal network analyser (UBN) works as meter and also supervisoin and storage of electrical parameters in the low and medium voltage range. Theses units are collecting voltages, currents and frequencies and are calculating out of these values active, reactive and apparent power as also the power factor. So a range of analog measuring units are substituted by an UBN. This all-rounder is also usefull for the internal billing of the energy costs.


EnergiemanagementEnergy management

Everybody who intends to install an Energy Management Solution (EMS) has to keep in mind it has to fit to the structure and requiremet the company has, to make sure all the energy saving possibilities can be find and realized. Because of this, Berg offers a web based energy management system, called Efficio. Efficio is a complete solution with all kind of meters which are necessary, connected via M-Bus or Modbus to the data loggers and from there to an server to store all data for read out and analysis. Efficio is modular and can easily extended in size and functionality. Supervision of the key performance indicators (EnPI) according to ISO 50001 and EN 16247 is automatically realized.