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With load management, you can actively, directly, and quickly intervene in your company’s power consumption. This gives you the opportunity to flexibly control power generators and consumers, whether to optimize individual power grid charges or to provide balancing power. This is because in an electricity supply system with an ever-increasing proportion of fluctuating power generation from renewable energies in the future there is an increasing need to make power demand dynamically flexible. A load management system prevents spontaneously occurring power peaks in high-load times by continuously balancing the operational power demand with the tariff-related power limits.

In conjunction with an energy management system, it provides reliable evaluations of energy consumption and visualizes all the data quickly and clearly. Potential energy savings can be identified and realized directly – for maximum savings in terms of energy, time, and money.

Industrial Load Management Reduces Grid Charges and Minimizes Tariff-Based Levies

If you want to save electricity with a load management system – that is, if you want to take advantage of the legal options for reducing electricity costs and reduce your network charges – you must analyze your annual load profile. This is because a major cost driver for network charges is the annual peak output or peak demand. The higher your peak power, the higher your network charges. Reducing or shifting your annual peak power will therefore significantly reduce your energy costs.

Many companies have not yet taken advantage of their savings opportunities, even though they are available. You can significantly reduce your network charges according to the German StromNEV if you have atypical or electricity-intensive usage patterns. Your consumption behavior and your purchase structure are decisive for a reduction in network charges.

Video: Load management with Optimo

  • Energy monitoring and audit preparation in just one system
  • Achieve 100% transparency thanks to extensive analysis and reporting options such as key figure creation, Flexreports, energy usage analysis, heatmaps, Sankey diagrams, etc.
  • Actively switch or control electrical generators and consumers completely flexibly
  • Reduce your automatically accruing network charges according to the German Electricity Network Charges Ordinance (StromNEV)
  • Quickly identify potential savings and improvements
  • Achieve significant tax reductions
  • Benefit from innovative technology such as fast installation, commissioning, and handling

Particularly in medium-sized businesses, energy-savings potential often remains untapped. Federal subsidy programs such as the BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) the Energy Management System with Measurement Technology, Module 3 guideline can provide additional support for your investment. Effective energy controlling is only possible through complete and transparent consumption and cost control. You will achieve the ideal energy optimization through a combination of the Efficio energy and environmental management system together with the Optimo load management system.


Increase your energy efficiency and reduce costs at the same time! Our energy experts are happy to show you how you can use the intelligent Optimo load management system from Berg to achieve this. Contact Thomas Stengl for more information:

Thomas Stengl

Division Manager, Energy Management Systems

T +49 89 379 160 300

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